Monday, April 14, 2008

Al Franken on Midday - 4/14/08

Al Franken was interviewed on Midday at eleven o'clock today. You can listen here.

At about 19:20, a caller named "Michael" asked Al, given the fact that Al's corporation had incurred a penalty for unpaid workers' compensation in New York recently, how could he be trusted to make laws in the Senate?

Spotty, wasn't that the unemployed Republican political operative Michael Brodkorb?

Yes, grasshopper it was Michael Brodkorb. But remember, he just says that he is not employed by any candidate or the Republican party.

I guess he was taking an early lunch so that he was on break when he called in to MPR to gig Al. What was it, about eleven thirty or so?

That's about right, grasshopper.

Gosh, Spotty, Mr. Brodkorb is really good about doing this stuff on his own time, isn't he?

Yes, he is, grasshopper.

Al also got two questions about dodging debates with Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. The first one was by host Gary Eichten right at the beginning of the program, and the second was an email question read at about 39:00.

Al did say, in response to the second question, and rather grudgingly, Spot thought, that he would debate Jack in advance of the convention!

Spot has been harping on this for some time, and just for old time's sake, here's a little video he made urging Al to debate:

Jack, incidentally, will be on MPR tomorrow's Midday program: same time, eleven o'clock.

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