Thursday, April 03, 2008

Boy, Spot, you must feel really bad!

Oh, why is that, grasshopper?

Well, here's a quote from Il Duce, also known as Tracy Eberly, in a comment about your post The Devil Made Me Do It!:

It is sad that you have to blame your poor writing on a dog.

That had to hurt, Spotty!

Yes, grasshopper, it was like a kick to the stomach - or perhaps even lower - it shook Spot's self-esteem like no criticism he has ever received before. With that one sentence, Tracy delivered a blow that made Spot question his very existence, his raison d'être.

But Spotty is resolved to soldier on in the face the humiliation!

You are so brave, Spotty!

Yes, he is, isn't he grasshopper?

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