Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The re-virgining of Michael Brodkorb

There has been a little, er, discussion over at Centrisity about Michael Brodkorb's "disclosure" page. Flash, and Spot, too, think it's too cute by half. It starts out this way:

I have spent most of my entire professional career working in Minnesota politics and public relations.

(You can get a link to Brodkorb's page at the Centrisity post, if you are so inclined.)

Spot says put in a call to the syntax homicide detectives. (Young man asks old man: Have you lived here your whole life? Old man replies: Not yet.)

Where was Spot? Oh, yes. Mikey goes on to identify all the party and campaign jobs that he has had, and how he is a "Republican operative," but then he says that if he is "hired" by the Republican party or a candidate, he will disclose that, because the failure to do so would "tarnish the effectiveness" of Mikey's blog. As the Brits might say, Really?

Spotty, what does "hired" mean?

It means to become an employee, grasshopper. Mikey calls himself "self-employed," which means he takes money as an independent contractor. From all manner of sugar daddies who aren't the Republican Party itself or a Republican candidate. It is incomprehensible, really, that Mikey isn't some kind of kept man.

Boys and girls, your Aunt Tild was thinking of what it would be like if Mikey was really as independent as he wants you to believe. She put together some pictures, which Spot has collected for your viewing pleasure.

You can just hit the full screen button for a larger version, boys and girls.

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