Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Eagle's Nest?

Word now arrives at the doghouse that Fightin' Joe Repya has a blog. He calls it The Eagle's Nest. It's kind of a regrettable name.

Why do you say that, Spot?

Well, grasshopper, here's the real, or at least historical, Eagle's Nest:

Ooh, that is a bad association.

Well, never mind grasshopper; we'll let Joe fight it out on the battlefield of ideas.

Just be sure, Joe, that you never go into a battle of wits lightly armed!

Spot did notice one thing, though. In the posting Joe has done so far, Spot found only one link, to a letter to the editor in the Strib that he was going to criticize. Yet, the posts are full of Iraq cheerleading and references to what Joe undoubtedly likes to call "the facts on the ground."

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