Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dispatches from Saint Paul

Apparently Saint Paul was so much of a war zone last week that we had our embedded reporters and our unebedded reporters.

We also have Amnesty International asking for an investigation. Petitions from journalists around the world have been delivered to the City. (Video here.)

But not to worry -- both Mayors see this week as a great success. Bob Fletcher had to herd people onto the Marion Street Bridge to reach his stated goal of 800 arrests, but by golly he did it. Chief Harrington utilized Rumsfeld-like scare tactics to make sure downtown workers had cleared out so they wouldn't see Fletcher's folks do their work.

Of course, the real reason this circus came to town was to help a GOP incumbent who is facing a strong challenge. Norm Coleman will no doubt see this as the fundraising bonanza it was intended to be from the very moment St. Paul was chosen.

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