Monday, September 29, 2008

How did Minnesotans vote for the bailout?

Walz: Nay
Kline: Yea
Ramstad: Nay
McCollum: Yea
Ellison: Yea
Bachmann: Nay
Peterson: Nay
Oberstar: Yea

I'll continue to update the post as soon as I can find the votes.

UPDATE: Roll call is finally available here. And no, these aren't your typical vote parings. It looks to be a fairly bi-partisan rejection, as 95 Democrats and 133 Republicans voted against the bill. One really has to wonder why on earth House leadership was so far out in front of a bill that nobody seems to like. It looks like there will be another vote here in the very near future. I'll post the votes as they become available.

UPDATE ii: It looks like a second vote will not happen today. Again, House leadership really seems to have screwed the pooch here (see the wonderful picture below). There will now be bickering about who didn't deliver the votes (the House whips have to be sweating about now) but the fact remains that this thing a) really blew up on Friday with the House GOP plan and b) the vast majority of Americans hate the bailout.

UPDATE iii: With the costs of two wars hovering upwards of $850 billion, one really has to wish that as much worry was extended towards our nation's blood and not just to its Wall Street treasure, as recent events seem to have proved otherwise.

UPDATE iv: Oberstar is now listed as having voted for the bill.

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