Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's not a bailout:

It's an historic investment opportunity!

That's according to the Senator from FLUKE*:

U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman said the massive government bailout of failing financial institutions is not only necessary but could make money for the federal government.

“The government could make 10 or 20 times what it pays on this, possibly,” Coleman said during a campaign stop at Christy’s Cafe in North Mankato Saturday morning.

The smallest stars twinkling dimly in the remotest precincts of intellect do not fail to understand what this is: a trillion dollar rathole.

Even economic lubber John McCain has the good sense to run from this proposal screaming. Spot hasn't read that King Banaian, or Craig Westover, or even Mitch thinks we'll make money. Or Davey Strom, either.

It must be Norm's death wish, Spotty.

You think so grasshopper? It might be. For a guy who has touted himself in ads as being an independent voice in the Senate, it's an odd time to be giving Bush a tongue bath.

* Fluke refers, of course, to the circumstances of Norm's election to the seat in the first place. Spot though, however, it would be fun if FLUKE was a acronym for something. Consider this the announcement of a contest. Spot's first thought: Fib Like U Know Everything.

A thump of the tail to John Cole for the link to the story.

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