Monday, September 01, 2008

Previewing the 2012 GOP VP pick

Say hello to current Wasilla Mayor Dianne M. Keller. Ms. Keller worked her way up through the rough-and-tumble ranks of the Wasilla City Council, becoming Mayor in 2002. She has been a member of the AML Legislative Committee, the Alaska Conference of Mayors, the Mat-Su American Red Cross, and the Greater Wasilla Chamber of Commerce. She is also the distinguished Chair of the Statewide Moose Safety & Rebuilding Task Force.

Ms. Keller has extensive national security experience. Outside of living in a state that borders Russia, Keller serves on the State Emergency Response Commission and is an active supporter of the Boy Scouts. She also donates regularly to the Blood Bank of Alaska.

Keller, her husband Dave and their son Seth have lived in Wasilla since 1992.

Keller is currently occupied with the task of ensuring that Wasilla's government meet its six main goals:
  1. Keep local government small efficient and accountable to the citizens of Wasilla
  2. Encourage a strong and diverse economic base in the City of Wasilla
  3. Refine and improve the long-term capital project plan to preserve and improve city infrastructure to provide for future growth (to include seeking funding for the design and construction of extension of S. Mack Drive to Knick-Goose Bay Road.)
  4. Develop stable and equitable sources of revenue that will provide the needed funding to accomplish mission statement.
  5. Continue progress in making the enterprise funds (water, sewer, airport, and multi-use sports complex) self-sufficient while ensuring the systems meet environmental and development needs of the citizens and businesses in the city of wasilla.
  6. Continue to provide the citizens with the highest quality of law enforcement services posssible in the most efficient and effective manner available.
As you can see, Keller has the experience needed to lead this country in troubling times.

Currently, Keller is working with the City Council to expand the Wasilla Farmers Market, streamline the Baby & Me Lap-Sit program at the library, and to coordinate with Wasilla police to crack down on the recent wave of crime that has resulted in the shoplifting of $28.86 in fishing gear from the Sportsman Warehouse.

Despite this sterling record Keller does come with a few negatives. First off, she has never finished second (first, third, fourth, etc) in any beauty pageants. This makes getting the Powerline boys on board a bit problematic. Second, it does not appear that her son is much of a hockey player. Other than that, she's ready to balance out the 2012 GOP VP ticket.

Take a few minutes to head on over to the city's website to familiarize yourself with the town, the attractions, and most of all...your future GOP VP candidate.


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