Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama humors the cranky old man

Driftglass posted what Spot believes is the best comment on the debate last night in a post titled The Angry Baby Mantle.

Here's just a snip:

Since John McSame has been bought out by the Bush/Rove machine he has had one note: humorless fury. Every answer tonight was either preceded with a sneer of raged-up petulance, or punctuated with “Senator Obama doesn’t understand…” condescension.

Or both.

Driftglass wishes that Obama had just spanked the petulant old man; Spot does, too.

For all of the economic to-and-fro, this was primarily a discussion of foreign policy: John McSame’s stronghold. And what the Senator from Illinois clearly wanted – and believes in, across-the-board and down to his DNA -- was a gentlemanly, adult exchange about process and judgment, so instead of shooting the big, fat targets McSame kept throwing up out of the sky, he kept trying to drag the whole thing out of the weeds and into the classroom.

Which Senator Obama failed to do because he failed to realize was that Republicans live in the weeds.

But what is absolutely make-the-milk-come-out-your-nose funny is this pronouncement from one of the Power Line boyz, quoted approvingly by Mitch:

McCain was the teacher; Obama was the promising but somewhat disappointing student — the one who knows lots of facts but ultimately doesn’t quite get the big picture[.]

All along, these guys have been saying that Obama is short on specifics - he isn't - but now the knock is that he isn't enough of a big picture guy.

Sweet Jesus, you can't make this up.

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