Thursday, September 11, 2008

You did what, Sheriff?

One of the Power Line boyz intones today:

It's true that when Palin uses her "thanks, but no thanks" line she omits certain information -- her initial support for the project, the fact that Congress revoked the earmark, and the fact that Bridge had become an embarrassment by the time Palin nixed it. But the fact remains that nothing Congress did would have prevented Alaska from using federal money to build the bridge. It was Palin who stopped this from happening.

We are told this as part of a lament over NPR's "crusade" against poor Sarah Palin. Apparently because, like most other media outlets, NPR brought it up.

"Omits certain information?"

A posse is formed; it rides out after the desperado. He is cornered and killed after a furious gunfight. His body is brought back to town for burial. At the funeral on boot hill, the sheriff, who wasn't part of the posse and who never lifted a finger against the desperado, and actually helped him during his reign of lawlessness, insists on delivering a speech about how he killed the outlaw.

Same thing here.

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