Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drinking Liberally: Whalin' on Palin

Be sure to catch SNL's reprise of the Palin - Couric interview.

Thursday night will be a special Drinking Liberally. We will watch the Palin - Biden debate on a television and on computers at Drinking Liberally. Feverish efforts are even now under way to insure adequate viewing and hearing for all.

Admit it, boys and girls, there isn't a better perch to sit and and make witty observations about Clueless Barbie. Come and test your barb-making machine against the assembled masters of the art.

Drinking Liberally is not until Thursday, October 2nd, so you have advanced warning and plenty of time to prepare. We'll meet at the regular time, six to nine or whenever the debate is over, at the regular place, the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis.

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