Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drinking Liberally moves!

Well, for a week. This coming Thursday, Drinking Liberally in the Twin Cities will meet in St. Paul at the Liberal Lounge:

Liberal Lounge, a space generously provided by the SEIU, will be set up as an evening venue in which progressive bloggers, activists, new media and alternative media to relax, socialize, network, perform and write. Located within walking distance of both the Xcel Energy Center and the offices and workspace of The Uptake Citizen Media, "Liberal Lounge – Sponsored by the SEIU" will provide a convenient gathering space for media and bloggers to move on to once the major coverage from the day is complete and the official workspace [is] closed.

If you follow the link, boys and girls, you can get a map to the Liberal Lounge and more information about the space. Spot looks forward to seeing all of you there, Thursday night, September 4th, six to nine, or whenever Robin or maybe Jason kick us out.

Don't be scared by the graphic; DL will return to its usual location after the RNC.

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