Saturday, August 02, 2008

Drinking Liberally, the Theater Edition

You do remember the Fringe Festival people who came to Drinking Liberally recently, don't you, boys and girls? And that Spot put up a post about a guide to the festival?

Well, the Fringe Festival is practically invading Drinking Liberally! One of the venues for the festival is the Ritz Theater, just a few doors up from the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis where DL meets. And you'll never guess what plays there on Thursday, August 7th, the night of the next Drinking Liberally gathering:

That's right; it's a play whose muse is one of our favorite topics, Michele Bachmann. OMG!

The show starts at seven, and you can buy tickets thirty minutes in advance of the curtain. Some of you boys and girls probably even have passes that the Fringe folks gave us at DL; they can be exchanged for a ticket.

Come to DL, follow Spot to the Ritz, and return to the 331 Club after the performance. Maybe we can persuade some cast members to come, too!

It promises to be a memorable evening. Don't miss it!

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