Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Once trained, Janet does okay

John McCain has a recent commercial mocking Barack Obama as something of a pop culture messiah. McCain's campaign's has endlessly repeated the frame. It's pure Karl Rove: attacking Obama's strength, and frankly, the campaign doesn't have much else to say about Obama.

Sure, Obama knows how to use email, but McCain has, well, lots of people for that kind of stuff!

It's kind of sad, really.

However, Spot is glad to report that after several days of steady indoctrination, Janet, the Spice Girl over at SCSU Scholars, is ready to add her two cents:

The fawning mainstream media has just published another article about their messiah, The One and Only Obama. The CBS News "O-Force One" headline about Obama's corporate jet shows the continuing presumptuous arrogance of Obama's presidential campaign.

The embroidery on The Ego-bama's plush leather seat has "Obama '08" on the top line, "President" on the next. This removes any doubt that Obama has a breathtakingly oblivious sense of self importance.

She apparently even got up early to post it!

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