Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Republican candidate for Congress in the First District of Minnesota, physician Brian Davis, announces today the formation of his new PAC, "Physicians Against Nutrition." Building on his remarks at the recent Farmfest, Davis says that, "It just seemed like the thing to do."

In discussing the recent farm bill at Farmfest, Davis did not quarrel with subsidies, direct payments, or the ethanol blender's tax credit. Or, apparently, some of the earmarks added in the Senate.

However, Dr. Davis said the nutritional aspects of the recently passed farm bill were "bad." Just for the record, here is a list of these nutritional programs as compiled by the USDA.

When asked how fund raising was going among his fellow physicians, Dr. Davis said, "I am encountering more resistance than I expected."

A thump of the tail to a Bluestem Prairie and Tild, for the graphic.

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