Friday, August 22, 2008

The jokes just write themselves

Just saw a partial list of parties during the RNC Convention. Among my favorites:

The All star Jambalaya Fundraiser for the Katrina Recovery at First Avenue on Monday (wonder how big a crowd they'll get at this one).

Reception: Bank of America Goes Green (sponsored by Bank of America, who's been loving it some green for over a century), also on Monday.

The One Campaign & RIAA featuring A-list musical guest at Epic (apparently they're keeping secret so that no one shows up trying to cut a bootleg).

Building stable Communities for America's Future at the Graves Hotel on Tuesday, sponsored by those centerpieces of stable communities from coast to coast, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Tribute to the Reagan Revolution and 80's Celebration Reception at the Aqua Nightclub on Thursday, sponsored by American Conservative Union (oh, think of the hair!)

And there's even an event called - appropriately enough - Pit Bulls and Pigs: A Reception Celebrating Efforts to Lower Taxes, sponsored by the Taxpayer's Union. Nothing like a greedy pig to make you feel good about being a greedy pig.

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