Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night

In a very promising development, for Spot, anyway,  the 'Farian has really been getting the drop on Spot in the Katherine Kersten department.

In recent days, he mentions the Brian Lambert contest for the best Katherine Kersten parody. The "Farian post has already scrolled off the bottom of the page, so no link. The catalyst for the contest was Katie's recent "Dark Basement of the Soul" column.

To Spot, the column was just another stupid screed against what Katie believes are the forces of moral depravity in America, hardly worth comment. But to guys like Lambert and the 'Farian - actual writers, that is - it was much more: it was a "dark and stormy night" assault on the English language.

And then, speaking of moral depravity, today the 'Farian conducts an excellent autopsy of Katie's current column: The inside story on the night-to-day transformation in Iraq.

Peter Hegseth? Boy that name sounds familiar. Katie says he is just a local boy, a vet. But he's so much more, Katie, as you well know:

Kersten has found an Iraq vet willing to confirm her beliefs and prejudices. He’s from Forest Lake, but oddly he has already been written up by Hot Air [video], SourceWatch, National Review Online, Power Line, SWAC Girl,, the Weekly Standard, and the Forest Lake Times, among many others. Pete Hegseth, the subject of her column today, also has been published in the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post and has appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews. and, more disgustingly, he’s been on the Glenn Beck Show. Watch the Beck clip if only for the rant that starts the show but then Hegseth comes on and makes his agenda very clear as he rips on anti-war protesters. In fact, he and Beck rip on the protesters at length, but Hegseth never takes advantage of the media opp to ask young men and women to enlist. (Odd, how that never happens, ever.) [Oddly, all his contributions to the Family Research Council have been yanked.]

Katie probably didn't even have to talk to Peter to write the column.

Peter is the nice young man that Katie met at a Fourth of July parade a few years ago. Spot wrote about it. Katie never mentions what Peter really is: a national cheerleader for the carnage in Iraq.

Someday, Peter and Katie are going to have to wear the chains of the Iraq war they have forged around their necks.

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