Friday, October 10, 2008

Exciting the lizard brain

This is an issue that Mr. Sponge has raised: the stimulation of the ugliest racist and xenophobic impulses in the Republican party. As he says, talk radio has been doing it for years:

When radio hosts like Hugh Hewitt tell their audiences that voting for Obama will literally get them killed; and when guys like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity go on and on about Barry Hussein Obama's supposed association with terrorists; and when the McCain campaign itself resorts to a strategy that paints Obama as a socialist Other who literally doesn't see America in the same way that good folks like John, Cindy, Sarah, and Todd do; how is it a surprise that GOP voters are putting 2 + 2 together by expressing fear and anger that the damn terrorist black Muslim might get elected?

Let me answer this for you in no uncertain terms: It is not a surprise that the GOP base is behaving this way. It is not a surprise that a constituency which has been the target of 8+ years of non reality-based drivel has suddenly woke up in a country that has two trillion-dollar mistakes, a drowned city, and all-around corruption; and that they can only bring themselves to point their fingers at the only villain they truly know: f'ing liberals.

And the Republican candidates are really ringing Pavlov's bell:

But it is happening in Minnesota, too:

And right here in Senate 41 in fact.

But, this is the stuff Republicans do, and have done at least back to the days of Richard Nixon.

The cup of the modern Republican party is a is a toxic brew of fevered and ignorant evangelical pretenders, xenophobic and racist hoohaws, and cheap and common con artists who will have to be screwed into the ground when they die.

The good news, boys and girls, is that the Republicans are shaping up to lose this election BIG. It won't be a moment too soon.

A thump of the tail to Digby for the first video.

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