Sunday, October 05, 2008

Senator Michel isn't in today

He's home shedding his skin:

Geoff Michel goes tag team with Ron Carey to say that Ashwin Madia is not one of us. Erik Paulsen, like Geoff, has four daughters. Is that what you mean, Geoff?

How many daughters does Ron Cary have, Spotty?

Spot isn't sure, but that's not the point, grasshopper.

What is the point, Spot?

Geoff Michel, who is so white he can't use a hula hoop, is saying, wink, wink, that Ash Madia is not white. He's so not white, and not blonde, and not bland that he is unqualified for the Congress. Go for the vanilla yogurt, says Geoff.

Mark well what Spot says, grasshopper. In his short and undistinguished political career, Geoff Michel has blazed new paths of ugly provincialism and disdain for the common good. His bigotry against gays and poor people are well known to the residents of Senate 41. This is the first time, in Spot's memory, however, that Michel has been so overtly racist. There is no other word that is adequate.

Spot says that either Geoff Michel renounce his comments and those of Ron Cary, or Erik Paulsen had better renounce them both.

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