Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Patriot 1280 rally in Minneapolis!

Mitch tells us this morning about a huge and inspiring rally at Orchestra Hall last night. He explains how a "planeload of terrorists" could have wiped out Minnesota conservatism if it had hit the green room:

At one point, I was sitting with Senator Coleman, Governor Pawlenty, Representative Bachmann, candidates Erik Paulsen (who will be a guest on the NARN this weekend), Barb Davis-White and Ed Matthews, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and James Lileks, talking about the campaign locally and nationwide.

Mitch feels much better now; he loved the size of the rally and its energy:

No lack of energy [in the crowd].  Sorry, Sorosphere; after weeks of declaring the election already won, it’s just not sinking in with all of us plumbers and hockey moms.  Suffice to say that even if Mac loses, 2010 is going to make 1994 look like a Camp Wellstone sing-along.

Here's a picture from the rally:

Spot is sure it was truly memorable. Nothing like a good rally to get the bile up.

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