Saturday, October 18, 2008

The unsinkable JRoosh

The new MOB mayor says today:

Mitch and Ed are talking about despondent conservatives on the radio on my credenza as I type. Many of us have resigned ourselves to the fact that we are likely to have a Democratic President, House and Senate and may even have lost filibuster protection in Congress. In a sick example of double jeopardy, Al Franken could be the last building block of a Liberal Supermajority.

The huns are at the wall. Soon, no one; nothing may stand between hard-working, self-reliant folks and those that think we are a people of the government, by the government, for the government, and not the other way around as Abraham Lincoln set forth in his Gettysburg Address.

JRoosh, the financial adviser who undoubtedly presided over the loss of hundreds of thousands - perhaps millions, depending on the gullibility of the public - of dollars for his clients, is now casting about for a villain. Of course, he finds one:

And much to the surprise of the liberals that will have caused [the current financial crisis], the rich will get even richer as assets will return to their rightful owners as the wealthy scoop up many and varied bargains in equities and real estate discarded by those who have become under or unemployed.

So don’t wait for the effects of an Obama administration and an activist liberal congress to trickle down to your financial situation. Prepare yourself now.

Yes, says JRoosh, put your remaining 401(k) funds into cases of pork and beans and ammunition for your AK-47! JRoosh's world is indeed coming to an end.

JRoosh, or perhaps just "J" to his friends, cannot imagine that all the grifters, confidence men, high-plains drifters, and carnie barkers that he calls his friends had anything to do with it. No siree!

Our friend, "J," one of those "hard-working, self-reliant folks" who couldn't build a bird house, is now face to face with the fact that he is a vestigial organ that the body can no longer afford. Sucking off the teats of the real economy will no longer do, "J"! Spot can see why you think it is time to head for the hills. For you, it probably is!

Meanwhile, all the people who know how to do things and make things and actually work will get by, albeit not without hardship, while at least some of the glad handers like JRoosh will perish.

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