Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Special guest at Drinking Liberally!

This is pretty well locked down, so Spot will run with it:

This Thursday, October 16th, David Strom, the Grand Mufti at the Minnesota Free Market Institute, is coming to Drinking Liberally.

The format for the evening is a little up in the air, but we expect David and his wife Margaret around seven. They're good sports to come; come and join us and help show David and Margaret a good Drinking Liberally time.

Spot has in the past made rude and unflattering remarks about libertarians in general, and Strom, Westover, and Banaian in particular, but he promises to be on good behavior, at least rhetorically, on Thursday.

Should be fun. Be there or be square.

Remember, boys and girls, Drinking Liberally in the Twin Cities meets at the 331 Club in northeast Minneapolis from six to nine on Thursday nights.

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