Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More McCain Robocalls

Again, it's not really a robocall. This time it was a barely intelligible woman with a thick southern accent telling me that Barack Obama is a socialist and, if elected, he will put our nation's children at risk. At this point, yours truly thought he'd mess with the program (note: the following is recreated to the best of my memory).

Mr. Sponge: Hold on a minute. What do you mean by "putting children at risk?"
Miss Missouri: (continues to read; picking up from "if elected")
Mr. Sponge: No, stop right there. I get that you can read what's in front of you but I'd really like to know what you mean by "putting children at risk."
Miss Missouri: I...
Mr. Sponge: What children are you talking about?
Miss Missouri: American...all American children.
Mr. Sponge: Barack Obama is going to harm all American children. How is he going to do this?
Miss Missouri: (starts to read again)
Mr. Sponge: No, I've already said that I get that you can read. You may even be able to read and chew gum at the same time. I want to talk about what you're telling me about Barack Obama. How is he going to put all American children at risk?
Miss Missouri: (continues to read)
Mr. Sponge: Good lord. Do you enjoy whoring yourself out like this? Do you believe he harms all American children? How much do you get paid to do this? Who is paying for this? Have you ever been to Minnesota?
Miss Missouri: That's all. Have a good day. (click)

John McCain is a coward and a liar who is unfit for office. He is paying for robocalls that are grossly inaccurate and divisive and he doesn't even have the balls to put his own name or voice on the call. I can't imagine how my 10 year old daughter would react if she picked up one of these calls telling her how Obama is a terrorist-loving socialist who will get Americans killed. This is absolutely pathetic.

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