Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Details of Minneapolis Foundation's MinnCon coming out

In earlier posts I noted how the Minneapolis Foundation is planning a Minnesota analog to the political ConnCan anti-teacher political campaign filtering out of Connecticut. I reported how news of the campaign has been circulating around the state Capitol, and that millions of dollars are reportly already lined up behind the effort.

Today I found a job posting for the new executive director of the MinnCan effort - spearheaded by a ConnCan plan to have organizations like itself active in all 50 states, called 50Can.

The job posting makes clear that "MinnCAN will not build schools or train teachers" - it is to simply be a political organization to  "drive education policy in America’s state capitals." The executive director will be "Advocate-in-Chief: The executive director will lead the effort to change state policy through legislative and administrative action," and that MinnCan will begin operations in January 2011, just in time for the next legislative session.

Like most anti-teacher campaigns, this one will apparently be well-funded. The ad for the executive director job states that pay will be "highly competitive."

UPDATE: A reverse lookup of the domain names and reveals they are owned by someone named "ConnCan". The reverse lookup also shows that ConnCan owns at least 234 domain names. Now that's ambitious. The record also shows that was registered in November of 2009 - so this plan has been in the works for some time.

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