Sunday, September 26, 2010

Katie got her groove back!

Grievance and resentment: keep the flame alive

After what seems like weeks of writing about guys hanging around in hangers (and not the one in Wright County, either) or checking the flanks, I mean ranks, of aspiring priests — okay; it was just a couple of weeks — she’s back to what she likes best: bashing Muslims.

According to Katie, the Muslims have beaten the First Amendment to the ground, cowing the media into silence. As evidence, she offers some examples of extremist Muslim imams threatening cartoonists.

The irony of having read about these things in the, um, media is of course lost on Kersten. But Katie says that the media have just caved:

But since 9/11, American media have increasingly caved to threats from radical Islam. The new norm is a self-censorship consistent with Muslim teaching that Islam must be free from insult, though other religions may be insulted at all times.

You know she’s right, don’t you? Literally every day you read some op-ed in papers all over the state dissing Jesus and his followers: Owatonna, Brainerd, Fergus Falls, and of course, the godless Twin Cities. It is a never-ending stream.

Katie protests:

The best-known example of this double standard took place in 2005, when a handful of Danish cartoons mocking Mohammed sparked bloody riots throughout the Muslim world. American newspapers covered the protests closely. Yet only a handful of papers printed the cartoons that triggered the riots. Editors justified this self-censorship by invoking their "sensitivity" toward religious belief -- a quality rarely in evidence when the subject is Christianity.

Is Kersten complaining about the fact that the media have reported about widespread clergy abuse in the Catholic Church and the criminal enterprise to cover it up? Must be, because she remains vague on the subject.

You have to get to the end to find out is really eating Katie:

When the Rev. Terry Jones, a self-promoting crackpot, threatened to burn the Qur'an, public figures -- starting with President Obama -- lined up to denounce his intolerance. Apparently, none of these people has had the courage to do the same with Awlaki [a Muslim imam referred to in the column] and his henchmen, who pose a far greater danger.

Katherine Kersten is always on the lookout for smallest slight, and she finds them even when they aren’t there. Cutting the cake into serving pieces must have been hell for Katie’s parents.

Update: The comments will add substantially to your enjoyment of this post. You can trust me on that.


DiscordianStooge said...

Awlaki was slated for assassination by Obama. Exactly what kind of denounciation is Kersten looking for?

blogspotdog said...


I'd forgotten about that.

blogspotdog said...

Perhaps simple assassination isn't enough. Drawing and quartering, perhaps?

MNObserver said...

Threatened violence against one journalist exercising constitutionally protected rights by a religious fanatic causing her to live in fear? Outrage!  Real murders, shootings, along with hundreds of bombings aimed at thousands of people exercising constitutionally protected rights by religious fanatics causing them to live their lives in fear?  Not worth mentioning.

The difference? I think we know.

Randy said...

Forcing him to read Katie's column?  Or would that be too severe, even for her?

blogspotdog said...

A text book Eighth Amendment problem.

Randy said...

Her sense of grievance has more than a passing resemblance to the flap over the Danish cartoons.  A short piece in the New Yorker told the story of how the cartoons generally went unnoticed and unremarked-upon until some rabble rousing clergyperson decided to whip up a frenzy.  Two of the cartoons were offensive, largely for promoting ethinc stereotypes.  A third was not even one of the published cartoons, but was a photograph slipped in and delibneratley misdescribed.

Fanatics everywhere have a lot in common, don't they?

Tom said...

Until I saw the name of the link I thought you were talking about us infidels...

Phoenix said...

There's a reason I call her "Miss Gulch".

By the way, is it true that everyone on the staff hates her guts because she's so nasty? (