Sunday, September 05, 2010

Sheila, you already jumped the shark

The Suttonese Libelization Army

Several days ago, The Activist Next Door put up a post accusing Mark Dayton of not having been a school teacher in New York City!

I pointed out that absence of proof is not proof of absence, and Charlie debunked the breathless report without stirring from his chair.

Now, the same blogger intimates that Mark Dayton was a draft dodger because he was opposed to the Vietnam war; no proof of course; it wasn’t even a good innuendo.

She admits that she was too young to experience that era; she’s apparently unaware that many people opposed the Vietnam war; some were drafted, some weren’t.

For your real gold-plated draft dodger, though, you have to look at a guy like Richard Bruce Cheney. Or even George W. Bush.

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Phoenix said...

Typical Randroid:  Compassion is a weakness.