Wednesday, September 01, 2010

License smischense

Absence of proof is not proof of absence

The Dayton campaign offered this today to show his teaching credentials in New York:


Minnesota’s version of Orly Taitz was on the case, doubting whether Mark Dayton was a teacher in New York. It remains to be seen whether she will now claim that the license is a forgery or a clever ruse, issued by the Board of Education in 1969 to give Mark Dayton a cover story in 2010.

A thump of the tail to the Twitter.

Update: It is hardly surprising that forty year old personnel records in New York City cannot be “found.” But Charlie has the whole story.


DiscordianStooge said...

Sure, but was he born in the U.S.? WHERE IS DAYTON'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!

MNObserver said...

That is obviously a Kenyan teaching certificate.