Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I regret the error

Republicans in Minnesota have been reaching to personally tar Mark Dayton for some time now - sadly aided by innuendo about the Gubernatorial candidate's mental status offered by some otherwise friendly and rational websites (looking at you, Rowdy Crowd).

Last week one Luke Hellier harassed Dayton at a press event announcing his endorsement by the Minneapolis Police Officers union, demanding that he release documents from his second divorce that had been removed from the court record. Hellier implied that Dayton had something to hide in the documents. In its unfortunate headline, declared that Dayton had "gained...a new controversy."

Smelling blood in the water, the stooges over at Powerlineblog jumped on the smears, accusing Dayton and his lawyers of having the documents removed. Only now it turns out that the documents were removed by attorneys for Dayton's ex-wife, not the candidate, implying they were more about protecting her reputation than his. Without changing the post, Scott Johnson at Powerlineblog merely appended a short correction, said, "I regret the error," and moved on.

The incident, more than anything, proves how selfless, stable, and magnanimous Dayton himself is - refusing to even comment on the incendiary implications of the charges leveled by the human slime that is the Minnesota GOP.

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Phoenix Woman said...

"Regrets [that] the error [was caught and publicized]."

There, fixed his typos.