Thursday, September 16, 2010

There are two kinds of Republicans

On the provenance of the Tea Party

Bonnie Erbe of Scripps New Service splashed around in the shallow end of the reasoning pool in a piece that burdened today’s op-ed section of the Star Tribune. According to Erbe, the rise of the Tea Party is cause for introspection by both major parties (that’s how Doug Tice summarized it in the hed, anyway). A subtext of the piece is that the Tea Party is some kind of new, separate force in American politics. Nonsense. The Tea Party is the creature of Dick Armey, Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers.

They’re just Republicans with a really, really bad case of the vapors:

So that’s one kind of Republican. The Tea Party Republican. Then, you have your non-Tea Party Republicans, like this:

Tom Horner- Targeting the middle ground - StarTribune.com_1278868094518

Tom Horner photo from the Star Tribune

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