Thursday, September 09, 2010

Generalissimo Tony Speaks

The Suttonese Libelization Army is on the move!

MinnPost photo At a “news event” yesterday, RPM chair Tony Sutton proclaimed that Mark Dayton’s income was “a little odd.” Apparently, Sutton brought all of his forensic accounting skills to bear on that one! The generalissimo has concluded that there is a South Dakota trust involved, and he has questions.

This is funny (“funny” funny, not “odd” funny) on a couple of levels.

First, Sutton owes his “situation” to a guy who recently moved his savings and loan from Minnesota to South Dakota while keeping the name TCF Bank.

Second, while working as the treasurer of the sheltered workshop for accountants known as the Republican Party of Minnesota, he made such a mess of things that they’re still trying to sort them out.

But Sutton is convinced there is something afoot here, even though as Eric Black reports at the link, Dayton has been more forthcoming with financial information than either Republican Emmer or Republican Lite Horner. And Dayton has paid Minnesota income tax on the income he receives from family trusts.

Republican don’t want to pay taxes on income they do receive, but they seem to think that Democrats should pay taxes on income they haven’t received.


MinnPost photo.


Charlie Quimby said...

The "situation" link is hilarious: "The chain, with 10 restaurants in the Twin Cities area, recently signed a nine-unit development agreement in the central Ohio area. The first restaurant in Columbus is expected to open in June."

That was in 2007. Whatever was launched (perhaps 3 stores) appear to be all closed.

The braggadocio Sutton flings around for MNGOP doesn't play as well in the real marketplace.

Karl said...

Has Tom Emmer's Uncle Drew paid his delinquent property taxes in Delano yet?