Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cowboy Hat Night at Drinking Liberally

cowboy hatTo observe the Republican’s empty, unserious “all hat no cattle” response to Governor Dayton’s budget, tonight (February 17th) will be Cowboy Hat Night at Drinking Liberally. The first three DLers in the door wearing a cowboy hat (and whether it qualifies as a cowboy hat is entirely within the judgment of the DL management) will earn a beer. If you’re a winner, and you can sing a Marty Robbins song beginning to end, you earn two beers.

To any question that might be asked, a Republican has but one answer: “Cut.” Should we fix potholes? Cut. Should we let people die on the street for want of health care? Cut. It’s a beautiful afternoon, isn’t it? Cut.

We’ll be at the 331 Club from six to nine. See ya there, pardner.

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