Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not the Onion

Today, in political news so strange you have to wonder if it really might be from The Onion:

The South Dakota House of Representatives recently passed out of committee a law making the murder of abortion providers justifiable homicide.

In Iowa, Republican State Senator Mark Chelgren compared preschool to Nazi indoctrination.

Congressional Republicans (and a few Democrats) seek to decrease the number of abortions by eliminating funding the largest supplier of birth control in the country, based almost entirely on a short video everyone knows is doctored.

Defeated Candidate for Governor Tom Emmer is back at the capitol as a paid lobbyist to push for the adoption of a proposal he once called "patently unfair" and "micromanaging in its worst form."

It must be difficult to write comedy these days.

Update: Oops -- missed one. That same South Dakota legislative brain trust also recently reaffirmed their strong stance against "spouse stealing."

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