Sunday, February 20, 2011

When even the Chamber of Commerce questions you...

From the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce:
The GMCC supports the work to address the state budget deficit and the efforts toward improving the state's economy. That support ends at the adversarial way elected officials are approaching it. Public policy issues of this magnitude should not be rushed through the legislative process. Given this state's long history of collective bargaining, policy changes of this magnitude should be thoroughly debated for an adequate period of time, in good faith by both sides, with all potential consequences considered. Currently, that is not happening.

The bill that is being debated in Madison make sweeping changes to many parts of what makes Wisconsin great. It upends the public unions. It peels off the UW-Madison from the rest of the UW system, presumably to decimate it. The Milwaukee public schools are in line to be destroyed. It was proposed on February 11, and a vote to send it out of committee was set for six days later.

Yes, the Republicans won the election in November. But if their plan to change the state so fundamentally is sanctioned by the voters - something they claim - then they have nothing to fear from a full airing and examination of what they plan to do.

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