Wednesday, February 09, 2011

“Creative financing”

That is what we need to bring the the stadium debate, says Chamber of Commerce President David Olson, NOT any tax increase. Besides, says Olson, we’ve (meaning the Chamber, apparently) been working on this “reasonably hard.”

Perhaps Minneapolis could do what Chicago did: sell the parking meter revenue stream until all the oil is gone for a fixed sum. Or, maybe we could sell off the Capitol to private investors, like Arizona!

If selling off a piece or two of Minnesota’s patrimony doesn’t raise enough money, well then, maybe we can get an advance from the Tooth Fairy on all the teeth that will fall out of childrens’ heads in Minnesota for the next twenty years. There has to be a way of getting something for nothing.

Clearly, what we need – and we need it RIGHT NOW – is the flim flam artistry of David Olson and the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce.

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