Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well hello, Deputy

I thought I smelled bullshit!

The Republican leadership in the Minnesota Legislature held a “press availability” after Governor Dayton’s veto of the first piecemeal budget bill passed by the Republican-controlled body. In responding to a question about whether local government aid (LGA) cuts proposed in the vetoed bill would raise property taxes, Sen. Amy Koch, the Senate Majority Leader, says, heaven forfend; the cities have anticipated this. How – exactly – that translates into no property tax increases to cover, say police and firefighter salaries, Sen. Koch doesn’t say.

But the best part is when Deputy Majority Leader Geoff Michel, a state senator from Edina and prestigious West Bloomington, chimes in to support the Majority Leader, faithful retainer that he is, and says, yes, I just met with Bloomington city leaders this morning, and they confirm they are ready to shoulder their part of the LGA cut burden, and they expect that the cuts will be in the final budget.

Then, somebody asked Michel, “How much LGA does Bloomington get?”

Michel replies with his best hand caught in the cookie jar smile – an expression well known to residents of his district – and says, “Not much.”

I am pretty sure that Geoff Michel knows that Bloomington doesn’t get any local government aid. It hasn’t since 2003. It doesn’t need it; it has the Mall of America.

After fibbing about Bloomington’s preparations for LGA cuts, Michel can’t even be honest when the inevitable follow up-question is asked.

You can see the video here:

Geoff Michel talks about LGA cuts to Bloomington

Sen. Michel will tell you that the state has enough money, and that it can do everything it needs to do with the anticipated 32 billion dollars in revenue in the next biennium.

I think you need to take that will a large dose of salt – not merely a grain – when you realize what a serial dissembler the author of the statement is.

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