Monday, February 21, 2011

Frauds of Michelle Rhee still uncorrected in media

I don't need to remind everyone about Michelle Rhee, the "hero" of the fraudulent film Waiting for Superman.  Rhee is looking worse and worse as reality catches up to her. First, her fraudulent version of her teaching career has been dismantled by recently revealed research from her school. Second, a court recently ruled that she  exceeded her authority as Chancellor of the DC public schools, and has ordered that the district, at great financial sacrifice, re-hire 75 teachers inappropriately fired. Also - does anyone even bother to report that Rhee told a reporter about getting so fed up with her students that she taped their mouths shut?

It seems DC voters were way ahead of the deform movement when they removed Rhee's protector, Adrian Fenty, last September (in a primary). When will credulous traditional media writers catch up?

UPDATE: The Daily Howler is out with another update on Rhees today, complaining about how "No one would fact-check her nonsense." Sounds like our local "liberal" education writers.

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