Friday, February 18, 2011

It's not just Wisconsin

A committee of the Tennessee State Senate has voted to abolish collective bargaining with school teachers:
NASHVILLE — The Senate Education Committee voted along party lines Wednesday to abolish collective bargaining between teachers unions and school boards across the state.

The vote was 6-3, with all Republicans on the panel voting for the bill and all Democrats against.
 As the Perdido Street School blog says:
"And the assault on teachers - championed by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama and the "education reform movement" that has demonized teachers and teachers unions these past few years - proceeds toward its end game..."
This debacle is firmly on President Obama and the Democrats' hands:
Make no mistake - this is the corporate friendly Republican Party pushing these union abolishment policies and laws across the country, but it has been "liberals" like Barack Obama, Arne Duncan, George Miller, et al. who have laid the ground work for this assault by their relentless demonization of teachers and teachers unions.

The ground is now fertile for public education to be privatized and teachers unions to be destroyed.

The union leadership - either clueless or in cahoots with the deformers - is powerless to stop this stuff now.

They have allowed the public education issue to be framed by the deformers and the corporatists as: "Public aschools are failures and it is the because of the unions."

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