Monday, May 23, 2011

And the horses you rode in on

Amy, Kurt, and Junior rode off to wherever they came in from having accomplished one thing in this legislative session: the adoption of a constitutional amendment initiative that would, if approved in a referendum, reduce the liberties of Minnesota's citizens. A signal achievement, indeed.

Well, two things actually. Kurt, especially, helped introduce Bradlee Dean and his zany pals to the mainstream media.

Three things, now that I think about it. They managed to piss off Mitch Berg.

Wow, they really are good.

Laser focus on jobs? Producing a budget that balances cuts and raising some revenue, as the citizens of the state want? Well not so much.

And yet, like the cultist Bradlee Dean, all they can do is complain about being called cultists.
Horsepersons graphic by Avidor

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