Friday, May 20, 2011

Luca Brasi disclaims responsibility for message death

"There won't be no witnesses left at trial," Brasi says

Here's Doug Grow on the Republican trainwreck in the legislature:

But in the last two weeks, [Republican] leaders either lost control of their own caucuses, or failed to understand how late-session pushing of the party's social agenda would overwhelm their budget message.

Not surprisingly, Republicans are not publicly accepting the idea that they've lost control of the message.

Michael Brodkorb, for one, refuses to accept the notion that the Republicans fumbled when they unleashed a flurry of social legislation.

Brodkorb is the man who wears two hats: communications director for Senate Republicans and deputy chairman of the Republican Party. At least some DFLers believe he has one of the strongest voices in the Senate, a suggestion Brodkorb denies.

You can't blame Michael for being modest here. I wouldn't want responsibility for this massive pile-up either.

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