Friday, May 20, 2011

Well Ern, you really put your foot in it this time!

The word is out that you are the one who put Bradlee Dean up for the opening prayer spot in the House this morning. That's Ernie Leidiger from Mayer, first term Republican from District 34A. A real peach of a Republican. Speaker Zellers says he was aghast at what came out of the pretend preacher's mouth; we'll assume for sake of argument that he didn't know your boy Bradlee. But you certainly did.

It would be impossible to think of a more impolitic choice for the Friday of the last week of the session. With a gay marriage ban amendment hanging in the balance in the House. What were you thinking, Ern? Really, were you thinking?

Ern is the reason that the leadership in any legislative body hates the back benchers. Ern's move could be a balance tipper in the House on the amendment. Even if it's not, opposition to the amendment was given some great video footage this morning for the campaign against the amendment in coming months.

We owe a vote of thanks to Ern and Bradlee; you're the best.

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