Friday, May 20, 2011

From darling to pariah in the blink of an eye

From Paul Demko at Politics in Minnesota:

While reporters waited upstairs [for the presser that Dean had called to deal with the outcry from his offensive remarks in the House this morning], Dean arrived in an SUV [undoubtedly the biggest one available with fire decals on the sides] outside the front of the Capitol. He reportedly spoke with Tom Prichard, head of the Minnesota Family Council. Before heading up the Capitol steps, Dean was called over to a vehicle occupied by Sens. Paul Gazelka and Dan Hall. After talking for several minutes, Dean returned to the SUV.

And then he drove away.

Can't you see Gazelka and Hall sitting in the car, sweating, engine running, wipers going, straining for a glimpse of Dean?

Hey, Bradlee, c'mere a minnit. Doan gowin dere, know what we're sayin'?

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