Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The government created at least one job in May

May I have the envelope, please . . .

And the winner is: Craig Westover! The Cap'n is now the official mouthpiece for the MNGOP. Fresh off of his gigs as the mouthpiece for the successful Pat Anderson campaigns, first for governor, and then for state auditor -- well, not really successful, of course -- the Cap'n was undoubtedly looking for something to do -- now that he's done sandbagging, of course. (The post by Rachael Stassen Berger says that Captain Fishsticks has a libertarian "bent." And Ayatollah Khomeini had an Islamic "bent.")

No need to blush, Craig, you're still in the private sector, unlike these employees of the MNGOP caucus sheltered workshop: Michael Brodkorb, Chas Anderson, David Strom, and Margaret Martin. But there really isn't any doubt that Cap'n Fishsticks has his job because of the state government, just like all of the lobbyists, journalists, pundits and other courtiers who ply their trade at the Capitol. Without a democracy to mess with, the RPM wouldn't need Westover.

The Cap'n would undoubtedly disagree on theoretical and technical grounds. But he's always fulminating about numbers, sometimes famously, like the time he increased the top marginal tax rate in Minnesota from 7.85% to 32.88% to make a point.

The Cap'n is probably guilty of some economic displacement, though. Word is that Tony Sutton, the chair of the Republican Party was looking for a paying gig with the party, too. Apparently, the Cap'n got it.

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