Saturday, May 21, 2011

Zellers says it didn’t really happen

Bradlee Dean is a figment of everyone's imagination; he doesn't exist, and he certainly didn't "pray" at the request of Republican Rep. Ernie Leidiger in the Minnesota House of Representatives. According to Speaker Zellers, so let it be written, so let it be done:

Republican Speaker Kurt Zellers, who took the unusual step of publicly apologizing to House members Friday after the prayer, said the omission wasn't out of line because no quorum was present when Dean spoke.

That means that in the record Zellers is publically apologizing for something that didn't happen. Seriously.

If Zellers had said, "We're removing this because Bradlee Dean is a creep and his remarks were an insult to the House," I'd say, great. But it's an insult to everyone, perhaps especially the members of the House who were there and had to listen to Dean, to pretend that you can just make it go away because there weren't enough people there to count.

But Kurt and Ernie and the Republicans own Bradlee Dean, and this video isn't going to go away.

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