Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The B-actor barbarians

Matt Dean didn't even get a horse; he's pretend galloping behind these three. The callow Republican leadership thought it could get some costumes and sweep in off the exurban steppes and everything would go their way.

Perhaps it was yesterday when Valkyrie Koch was sitting with Junior, the Deputy, in the governor's office that it occurred to her, Holy s**t, we're not going to finish on time! We have a boatload to do, and no damn idea how to do it. We farted off the commissioners all session; that's not looking like it was a good idea. Well, we were distracted by voter ID, abortion, gay marriage, guns; it isn't our fault, really.

Then, remembering the time back in eighth grade when it was midnight on a Sunday and her Creationism diorama, due the next morning, was hardly started, she decided to pull the same tactic, only it wasn't Mom and Dad she asked for help (or tried to blame); it was the governor.

Mom and Dad probably got up sleepily and rummaged around in little brother's bedroom and found some toy dinosaurs and Lego men and made it work, but Valkyrie Koch is going to find that this is a different kettle of fish altogether.

I know I'm on a roll with the mixed metaphors, but work with me, just for today.

The session-long braggadocio has been cheap, entirely suitable for B-actors, but entirely unsuitable for legislative leadership.

Cartoon by Avidor (a guest at DL tomorrow night 5/19)

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