Thursday, February 23, 2012

And a coon hound on every porch

If ever you are looking for easily mock-able material to write about, there is no finer oeuvre that Rep. Steve Drazkowski's chief author's bill page at the Legislature's website. I recommend it for anyone with writer's block.

There's one that isn't in the bin yet, however, that deserves your closest attention. As Aaron noted last evening, the "Draz" (a rep. from Mazeppa) as he is affectionately (derisively perhaps; I thought somebody said the "drag" the first time I heard it) by his fellow Republican legislators, has proposed a sales tax holiday for guns and ammunition.

If you read the Strib account, the Draz is actually talking about guns, ammunition, and "hunting gear." Here's the quote from the Draz:
My preference is for an outdoors, guns and ammo [sales tax] holiday.
But why stop with guns and ammunition (perhaps too long a word for the Draz to comfortably use)?

Imagine a new "Coon Hound Checkoff." You use them outdoors don't you?

If the Draz wants to be ecumenical about it, and bring fishermen in on the largess, why not a "Rapala Rebate?" I mean, really, have you seen what has happened to the price of buzz baits and Rapalas lately?

The Draz could even go green here and help people buy canoes and kayaks, which are mostly cheaper than a fine fowling piece.

Yes, Draz, this is a great idea; you just have to think bigger.

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