Monday, February 06, 2012

Resolutions to take to your caucus

Here are a couple of draft resolutions, addressed to two of the constitutional amendment issues being proposed in the current session of the Legislature, prepared by the League of Women Voters of Minnesota. Both are highly recommended.

Election Law – Photo ID Amendment

Whereas: Minnesota consistently has the best voter turnout record in the country; and

Whereas: The only illegality a photo ID would prevent is registered voter impersonation; and

Whereas: There is no recorded case of registered voter impersonation in Minnesota – ever; and

Whereas: Requiring a government-issued photo ID before a registered voter is allowed to vote would be an unnecessary expense for the poor and an unnecessary hardship for many seniors and disabled voters, college students, minorities and members of the military; and

Whereas: Including election procedures in the Minnesota Constitution would clutter up that document;

Therefore: Be it Resolved that the_______ Party reject a constitutional amendment to require a registered voter to present a photo I.D. in order to vote.

State Finance – Budget Amendments

Whereas: We support preserving the ability of a simple majority of lawmakers to determine the overall size of the state budget and to manage available resources; and

Whereas: Amendments to the state Constitution that would require a supermajority vote to raise taxes or to use reserve funds would sharply limit policymakers’ ability to respond to changing demographics and emerging needs; and

Whereas: Such amendments will increase legislative gridlock;

Therefore: Be it Resolved that the _______ Party oppose any amendment to Minnesota’s Constitution that would require a supermajority vote to raise taxes or to use reserve funds or in any other way to restrict lawmakers from using available resources by a simple majority vote.

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