Sunday, February 26, 2012

A new Congressman for Edina

Melisa Lopez Franzen & Keith Ellison
Part of it anyway. The Fifth Congressional District now includes what might be called the "Alsace Lorraine" region of Edina. In the eighties, the northeast corner of Edina was in the Third, and in the 90s it was in the Fifth. In the 00s (pronounced "aughts"?) it was back to the Third. Now it's the Fifth again.

Erik Paulsen is still sending campaign mail to his former constituents, however; we got a nice four color piece just the other day. They'll figure it out sooner or later!

In the meantime, somebody who figured it out sooner was Keith Ellison, who held a meet and greet with his new constituents at a restaurant in the 50th and France area yesterday, February 25th. On short notice the Congressman drew a crowd; every chair in a room advertised for 75 was filled, and a couple of dozen people stood along the walls.

One of the other persons in attendance was Melisa Lopez Fanzen, who is running for the DFL endorsement for the state senate seat in SD 49, essentially the old SD 41 with a little real estate added. That's Melisa in the photo with Keith.

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