Monday, February 20, 2012

Ridiculous Republican bill of the day

In a further attempt to turn back the calendar to the 1950's, four Minnesota Senate Republicans introduced a bill to require a two-year waiting period for divorces if the couple has minor children.

This would be the longest divorce waiting period in the country. By the way, Nevada, with the nation's highest divorce rate has one of the longest waiting periods for divorce. Minnesota has a low divorce rate, with no waiting period for divorce.

Honestly, this bill would probably decrease marriage in Minnesota, and would do nothing to keep marriages together. It's insulting to think that a couple (especially one with children) would make a decision to divorce rashly, and that a two-year waiting period would prevent divorce.

Ladies and gentleman, this is the party of less government intervention into your lives. I am slightly heartened that it was Rep. John Kriesel (R - Cottage Grove) who brought this to the attention of folks on Twitter.

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