Friday, February 17, 2012

Get outta my limelight, effer!

Brian Lambert, writing on the blog The Same Rowdy Crowd, mused about how the MSM was not exactly where you would go to get the scoop on Michele Bachmann during her run for president:
The striking thing to me, as I surfed hither and yon, was how little of Bachmann’s manifest recklessness with the truth made its way in to the print (or on-air) version of any of our three primary serious news entities.
Then Lambert assigns a little credit for the places where you could go to get coverage about Le Cirque du Bachmann:
Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker wrote the definitive Bachmann profile, Karl Bremer at “Ripple in Stillwater”, Bill Prendergast and the rest at The Minnesota Progressive Project delivered the best day-to-day coverage and Rolling Stone laid out the most complete portrait of the pernicious effects of her rhetoric and influence.
Then, in an act of myopia and gracelessness, Bill Prendergast writes this:
I spotted one error in Lambert's article. Lambert tells his readers that local blogger Karl Bremer is one of group of locals "who delivered the best day-to-day coverage" of the Bachmann story at his Ripple in Stillwater blog. 
That is a factual error. I looked at Karl Bremer's Ripple in Stillwater blog yesterday--I looked back at past posts and found no "day-to-day coverage" of the Bachmann story there. 
I have no problem with Lambert recognizing Karl for something he has actually done. [Well, that's debatable, Bill.] But I do have a problem with Lambert reporting something that simply didn't happen, something that Karl simply didn't do.
Of course, Karl is also a contributor at Dump Bachmann, has made at least one appearance on Democracy Now that I am aware of, and has written extensively about people who circle in orbits around Michele Bachmann: Bradlee Dean -- whose real name I learned from Karl is really Bradley Dean Smith -- the Petters Ponzi schemers, including Frank Vennes, Jr., and Bobby Thompson, the Bachmann supporter and fake military charity huckster.

It was kind -- well not really; it was churlish and vindictive -- of Prendergast to do post count on what he thought were Bachmann stories at Ripple in Sillwater.

The whole exercise seemed like a kind of functional autism.

You would also think that, in the name of accuracy after all, that Prendergast would also have gone through Minnesota Progressive Project to check on the "day-to-day" coverage of Bachmann by all of the other writers there.

Because after all, Lambert credits them, too.

Report back to us, Bill.

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