Friday, February 10, 2012

Either David Senjem

Clueless Dave
Either David Senjem is lying, or he is the most clueless chump to ever be the Majority Leader of the Minnesota Senate. It's a horse apiece, I guess.

Doug Grow reports at MinnPost that Senjem claims he didn't know that any Senators were members of ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. Just off the top of my head: Roger Chamberlain, Gen Olson (President Pro Tem of the Senate), John Howe, Gretchen Hoffman, and Chris Gerlach (former whip who sat with Senjem in the presser condemning Amy Koch) are all members of ALEC. There are undoubtedly more.

Okay, I had to look up Olson.

Senjem's protestation of ignorance innocence about senators in ALEC was made in response to the veto of four "tort reform" bills that Governor Dayton vetoed and issued a sharp rebuke to the Legislature in doing so. These were ALEC favorites, and Dayton pointed that out in a briefing to announce the vetoes. To the claim these were "jobs" bills, Grow reports:
"These were laughably characterized as jobs bills," Dayton said. "Calling a crow a swan doesn’t make it one."
Speaker Kurt "Voting is a Privilege" Zellers said that 62,000 business owners requested the law changed in the bills. A list, Mr. Speaker?

Sen. Juliane Ortman claimed that the bills were based on her courtroom experiences. Perhaps new Deputy Ortman would be so good as to jot off the case names so we can look them up. Seriously.

It is clear that Republican bullshit proceeded apace this week.

The cherry on top of this bullshit split, though, was Dave Senjem's plea to the governor to "put down the spears."

You first, Dave.

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